About Jake


After the death of his father, and the disappearance of his brother Jake threw himself at his childhood dreams which were filled with comic books and sci-fi. This provided Jake inspirations to follow his dreams as an artist. Following his path to college, the academic world opened Jake’s eyes to the world around him, and filled him with a understanding of the state of art today.  Filled with an unyielding love that believes in human expression, Jake is working hard in bring his masterpieces to life. Today, through his dedicated work, Jake is becoming what some refer to as the “art hero.”


    Jake’s painting style emphasizes classical painting techniques. Although touched by school, his techniques were mostly self taught as he found himself disagreeing with mainstream critical taste.  His drive for art has taken him all over the world- from New York, to Florence, to Shanghai, to Miami. Jake’s work emphasizes a past historical glory in art, and his paintings of heroes are becoming a leading part of a revival in contemporary and comic art of today.


   With recent work made from living in China, Jake is a world traveler with a unique perspective.  His travels become his work in his latest series, with a unique mixture of western and eastern media.