Current Projects:

Shanghai Color Portraits. 2018


    Shanghai is an amazing futuristic city, which has been destroyed and completely redone in the past 20 years.  A brand new city, with a very old traditional Chinese mindset in the population that lives there.  Shanghainese have seen their city grow massively, as new people move from the countryside to the city every-day.  Shanghai boasts a population twice the size of New York, with the city itself larger than the land size of the entire country of New Zealand.  China's vast economical growth at breakneck speeds has created a massive melting pot of sorts, contained and created in a immigration of it's own country.

    Every Chinese person is not the same.  Different Providences have different languages, different customs, and are essentially almost different small countries.  This creates a wide variety of different types of thinking in China all under the umbrella of a new Communist regime, whom is striving to stamp out creative thinking which could lead to a democratic society, all of which seems backwards in it's seemingly capitalist society and it's new young generation of wealthy, educated in the west college graduates.

    The result is a hodgepodge futuristic city, where Royals Royce and Lamborghini cars can be found in the street next to a farmer pushing his cart full of fruit and vegetables.  The new generation has been rigorously educated, with most youngsters beginning their English education at the age of 3, or younger.  A child does not have the luxury of play-time, as the weeks are filled with school, and then after-school education, including piano, art, dance and language lessons.  In some English educational books, Children are taught that "happiness means having money in China."  A gigantic population, which was promoted under Mao's regime and the resulting one-child policy, leaves gigantic aging family members to tend and take care of one child, also resulting in what's known as the little prince/princess disorders in the massive waves of spoiled children who are spotted crying for what they want at one of the massive and countless futuristic shopping malls spread throughout the city.

    College graduates experience freedom of thought and expression in their western lifestyles as they are educated with values of the western world, only to return home to large groups of family members who pressure these students to immediately drop any of their dreams and ideas and to focus on marrying immediately and producing children, putting any career dreams on hold and to satisfy only what the family desires.  With families going as far as pairing their children in what is known as "marriage-markets" in parks throughout the city, a famous one People's park in downtown Shanghai.

    The interesting result is a new breed of Chinese, which will one day lead China's future.  They are the future, and currently they are living in the past of Chinese tradition.  This is my observations, as a foreigner "laowai" into the interesting and not well known culture of China, more specifically Shanghai, which is becoming more open to the world.  The young generation bring their color to this otherwise black and white history of China and this new City.  In painting, subjects choose the color they think most represents themselves as the story unfolds of a new superpower coming to be.



Shanghai Boy London Photography 2018


Miami Bus Stops 2012-2018


Hero Project, 2008-2012

    An amusing take on an old tradition of painting.  A master painting study series involving a revival of craftsmanship in painting with my child-hood heroes as my subject matter.  A master's thesis gone wild, each painting creates a dynamic narrative into this new mythical world of super-heroes today.